Manas Thakur

Assistant Professor @ SCEE, IIT Mandi
At Parliament Square, London. 

Research interests: Program analysis, compiler optimizations, parallelization
Research group: CompL

Office: A10-401 (North Campus)

Phone (intra): 7946

[GitHub] [LinkedIn] [Medium]

Prospective students

Read about my broad research interests here and about the works (being) done by current/past students here. If interested, read on about some of the expectations here.

MS/PhD: In case the above excites you, drop me a mail detailing your interests and skill-sets.

Internship: No current openings, but reach out if you need guidance on a well-defined problem.


  • Jan 14, 2020: numNonQuarantinedCompLersInCampus++ [Aditya, 2].

  • Jan 13, 2021: Startup Research Grant (SRG) approved by SERB, Govt of India.

  • Jan 07, 2021: CS302 Spring20 re-PoPs for a revision session.

  • Dec 18, 2020: Course pages for Spring 2021 updated with FAQs.

  • Dec 10, 2020: CompL joins Slack for Education.

Want to know more about IIT Mandi? I maintain a page here containing some information from personal experience.